Devin Carrier Memorial MMA Charitable Foundation


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We will have black long sleeve Team Carrier shirts in the near future.

Baseball shirts and tank tops have been discontinued.

Will finally be planning the long awaited Wine & Beer 

tasting fundraiser after the new year!!


 Devin was a professional MMA fighter who was following his dream of someday breaking into the UFC.  He

was a proud member of the Lauzon MMA fight team where his spirit lives on due to their never ending

loyalty.  Devin was also a son, brother, grandson, great-grandson, nephew, and cousin, with tons of friends. 

While a complete savage in the cage he was a genuine, loyal, caring person everywhere else. I called him a

"gentleman badass".  Devin died in a car accident on August 6, 2016 on the way home from his last striking

session of fight camp for a fight the following Saturday.  He was 21 years old.  I read somewhere that people

only truly die if you let them so we decided to create a non profit foundation (501c3) to keep his name and

memory alive and to make a positive impact in his community and the sport he loved so much.  Through the

foundation we have done numerous things in Devin's name including granting college scholarships, running

on a youth boxing clinic, donating to other non-profits, among other things.  We will continue to develop

new ways to spread Devin's love.  Team Carrier has so many loyal supporters.  Devin's shirts, hats, and

stickers are seen all over.  We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!  Enjoy the pictures

and videos ​here, hit the store tab for Team Carrier gear, and check out the News/Announcements section at the top

of the page for events, fundraisers, and other stuff going on.  Thank you for helping us keep Devin's memory alive!

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